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you are the cure

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poetry / Rumi / spirituality

What if today was the day that you stopped seeing yourself as the source of all your trouble or anyone else’s, for that fact? What if instead you saw yourself as the source of all your solutions to come?  Maybe even solutions that are already present just waiting to be noticed? What might shift inside you? Seriously? I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again I’m sure), you’ve already given the blaming yourself for […]

the reason for a falcon

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poetry / Rumi / spirituality

Yes, there is a reason… I’ll get to that soon enough. I thought it might be worthwhile to explain the purpose of this blog since this is the first post after all. Please bear with me as I’ve got much ground to cover so this launch is gonna go a bit long. Presumably like some of you, I’m obsessed with the poetry of Rumi. Utterly, shamelessly obsessed. At any given moment I can relate almost […]